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Here at Linkos, We Work As One

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Team work and a positive mindset is what we are known for. Linkos Global Business Solutions is a growing BPO company in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines. We are growing but we are already known for one major thing: Positivity. Oftentimes, our applicants tell us why they chose our company. They usually say it is because […]

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Linkos Branding

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Most companies will argue on how they are unique. All companies have their own uniqueness, so we cannot argue how one company is different from another. So why do our clients choose us? Linkos Global Business Solutions has a remarkable working environment. In a nutshell, we promote a positive environment for our whole team which […]

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Telesales: What Do They Do?

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Telesales – the selling of goods or services over the telephone. This definition can easily be translated to what we usually call as a “sales call.” However, there is a more detailed description of what a Telesales team can do. For Linkos Telesales team, selling is one part of the job description. The initial task […]

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Producing World Class Customer Care Specialists

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If you are having problems with a particular product or service, who do you call? A Customer Care Specialist or commonly called as Customer Service Representative. It is one of the most difficult jobs you can get because it can be a challenge to handle different inquiries and complaints. Imagine answering phone calls all day […]

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Linkos Chronicles: We Are One

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Here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, we work as one team. A BPO or a Call Center company has high regards to quality service, and with this, comes a stressful working environment. The pressure of hitting quotas and deadlines as well as the additional troubleshooting problems we encounter, not just at work but in our […]

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Linkos Chronicles: How Are We Different?

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Believe me when I say, Linkos Global Business Solutions is a unique company. Uniqueness is defined as being one of its kind or remarkable. Our company really is one of a kind and what we are unique about drives us to deliver the results our clients need. First,  we promote a positive working environment. Often […]