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Linkos Chronicles: The Secret Of Our Telesales Campaign

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  Telesales literally translates to Phone Sales. It is defined as selling products or services  to customers using phones. However, there is a deeper and a more detailed job description of a Telesales person. Most Call Center companies, especially here in the Philippines, use this term for their sales campaign where agents sell their client’s […]

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Why Choose Us?

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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has become one of the top trends used by many companies for the past years.   Companies nowadays are still into hiring BPO or Call Center companies to partner with them. You would think that most of them hired Call Centers due to cost-cutting reasons, but in actuality, companies partner with them because […]

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The Wonders A Telemarketer Can Do

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Telemarketers call their potential customers/clients by phone with the purpose of advertising products or services and hoping to make sales. A telemarketer calls his/her audience and gauge their interest, and if yes, specifics will be discussed further. Telemarketing are often compared to advertising on TV. However, an advantage is that they can immediately gauge the customer’s […]