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Linkos Chronicles: We Are One

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Here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, we work as one team. A BPO or a Call Center company has high regards to quality service, and with this, comes a stressful working environment. The pressure of hitting quotas and deadlines as well as the additional troubleshooting problems we encounter, not just at work but in our […]

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Linkos Chronicles: How Are We Different?

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Believe me when I say, Linkos Global Business Solutions is a unique company. Uniqueness is defined as being one of its kind or remarkable. Our company really is one of a kind and what we are unique about drives us to deliver the results our clients need. First,  we promote a positive working environment. Often […]

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Linkos Chronicles: The Secret Of Our Telesales Campaign

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  Telesales literally translates to Phone Sales. It is defined as selling products or services  to customers using phones. However, there is a deeper and a more detailed job description of a Telesales person. Most Call Center companies, especially here in the Philippines, use this term for their sales campaign where agents sell their client’s […]

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Why Choose Us?

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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has become one of the top trends used by many companies for the past years.   Companies nowadays are still into hiring BPO or Call Center companies to partner with them. You would think that most of them hired Call Centers due to cost-cutting reasons, but in actuality, companies partner with them because […]