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Call Center Life in the Philippines: A Day Inside Our Office

Posted by Erick Baraan on August 1, 2017

“Client satisfaction is our satisfaction.” It might sound like an ad for the majority but for us, we live by this motto when we are in the office. Having a solid and a positive team is our asset. We make sure our agents understand that by the end of...


Here at Linkos, We Work As One

Posted by Erick Baraan on May 29, 2017

Team work and a positive mindset is what we are known for. Linkos Global Business Solutions is a growing BPO company in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines. We are growing but we are already known for one major thing: Positivity. Oftentimes, our applicants tell us why they chose our company....


Building Undeniable Trust With Our Clients

Posted by Erick Baraan on May 27, 2017

Linkos Global Business Solutions has been partners with different companies, large and small, and they chose to stay with us. They have opted to put their trust in our company and they were not disappointed. They have been with us since we were just a small scale company working...


Sales Growth: How We Aim For Your Success

Posted by Erick Baraan on May 26, 2017

The art of selling is one of the most essential skill needed for our agents. Here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, our telesales agents are highly-trained to have a great selling skill that can make customers eager to know more. Our company not only sells the product or service...


Telesales: What Do They Do?

Posted by Erick Baraan on May 25, 2017

Telesales – the selling of goods or services over the telephone. This definition can easily be translated to what we usually call as a “sales call.” However, there is a more detailed description of what a Telesales team can do. For Linkos Telesales team, selling is one part of...


Linkos Customer Service Representative Cares

Posted by Erick Baraan on May 24, 2017

Once you hear the kindest and warmest greetings from a Customer Care Specialist of Linkos Global Business Solutions, expect to have the best experience you will have. It all starts with a simple greeting. As a Call Center or BPO company, this part is very crucial because it can...


Producing World Class Customer Care Specialists

Posted by Erick Baraan on May 23, 2017

If you are having problems with a particular product or service, who do you call? A Customer Care Specialist or commonly called as Customer Service Representative. It is one of the most difficult jobs you can get because it can be a challenge to handle different inquiries and complaints....


Linkos Chronicles: We Are One

Posted by Erick Baraan on May 22, 2017

Here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, we work as one team. A BPO or a Call Center company has high regards to quality service, and with this, comes a stressful working environment. The pressure of hitting quotas and deadlines as well as the additional troubleshooting problems we encounter, not...


Linkos Chronicles: How Are We Different?

Posted by Erick Baraan on May 20, 2017

Believe me when I say, Linkos Global Business Solutions is a unique company. Uniqueness is defined as being one of its kind or remarkable. Our company really is one of a kind and what we are unique about drives us to deliver the results our clients need. First,  we...