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The Wonders A Telemarketer Can Do


Telemarketers call their potential customers/clients by phone with the purpose of advertising products or services and hoping to make sales.

A telemarketer calls his/her audience and gauge their interest, and if yes, specifics will be discussed further. Telemarketing are often compared to advertising on TV. However, an advantage is that they can immediately gauge the customer’s level of interest regarding their products and services. When the need and want is identified, Telemarketers will tailor fit the benefits of the offered product or service.


People don’t realize that telemarketing is a successful marketing tool because it involves a one on one conversation with customers. You can ask a telemarketer directly about your inquiries to satisfy your curiosity about the products or services.


Businesses use telemarketing to push their sales higher because of this direct contact with customers. Some of the other benefits of telemarketing include fast feedback from customers, gives immediate results, and helps expand sales territories of companies. There are two types of telemarketing; Inbound and Outbound. Inbound telemarketing covers Customer Service which aimed to provide customer satisfaction by answering customer concern with accurate information and correct resolution. Outbound telemarketing is all about sales calls and appointment setting. The goal is to increase and widen sales territory to both existing and new customers.


If you want an increase in sales then you can utilize telemarketing in order to achieve it. Linkos Global Business Solutions not only offers you the best telemarketers but we can deliver the highest quality of service to your target audience. We offer Telemarketing services for any product, especially Real Estate Agents. Furthermore, we deliver as many as 3 to 5 appointments per day for our clients. We also make sure that our agents hit their respective quotas on a daily basis and report to clients about their progress. Linkos makes sure that their agents can perform at the utmost before deployment by conducting training and coaching sessions to increase satisfaction of our clients. When you hire us, you can expect us to keep our promise to you and more!


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