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It’s already Summer here and as every one in the world knows, the Philippines has one of the hottest Summer seasons. What better way to let steam off while working? Have a Summer theme office party. It was a blast! Great food and great people!
GM speaks

Linkos Customer Service Representative; A Virtual Interlink That Cares


“Thank you for calling Linkos Global Business Solutions, This is Maria, how can I help you?”

A simple opening spiel to most of the recipient of this one liner greeting, but to us as a BPO company, this is where it all begins.

At Linkos Global Business Solutions, a good customer service starts from how an agent politely utters its first word over the phone. We always remind our agents to put on a smile before answering a call. But before that happens, we educate them first on how to think and feel positively when working. Being on an 8 hour job in a call center involves a whole lot of sitting and talking that requires much patience, understanding and motivation. Filipinos are known to be genuinely hospitable, respectful and hardworking. These are the main reasons why we are considered world class in Customer Service. We take advantage of our culture and innate behavior to be able to provide a method of customer service that is uniquely Filipino.

At our company, we believe that customer satisfaction is the yardstick that tells our success. Our Customer Service Representatives build meaningful relationships that help our clients keep their customers, and win new ones. Linkos Customer Service Representatives do not just merely care about our clients’ products or services, but we care about our clients’ customers. We do not just serve, we personalize. Our agents’ ability to stay positive is what makes our Customer Service Team highly recommended. Training our agents on how they can completely switch a negative situation to a positive one doesn’t only help them with their jobs as a CSR but help them cope up with life’s difficulties. Staying positive during a trying situation has a lot to do with personality, and a POSITIVE PERSONALITY is our number one requirement in hiring agents.

Linkos Global Business Solutions is very dedicated to its mission, vision, and core values. Client centricity is our number one goal in customer service. To us, customer service isn’t a new concept, but the customer experience certainly plays a larger role in our success.

GM speaks

Becoming a Productive Employee at Work: Improving Efficiency


Are you a procrastinator?

You tend to postpone work and even if you got it figured out, you snooze and do it the last minute. If your answer is yes, you are 100 percent a procrastinator, no cheers to that. Here is a quick trivia: Nothing happens when you give a procrastinator a good idea!

My manager, when I was a Sales Representative in 2009, would remind me to work smart and a big part of that is managing my time wisely. A few tips I have heard from him were, “allow time for distractions but define and use your prime time,” “It’s not about postponing, it’s about knowing your priorities,” and “say no to unimportant tasks” became habits I practice until now.

We have all heard the complaints that there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. Identifying how you spend time makes room for opportunities.  When you keep track of daily activities, you find yourself a master of your time. Monitor what you do and identify the time you spend doing it. From there, you can stash out unnecessary activities. This allows you to get things done and keep track of tedious tasks.

When you tell yourself “I’ll do that later..” you create a harmful problem. Procrastination makes easy things hard and hard things harder. One reason why employees find it difficult to focus is because of procrastinating. This creates anxiety and worst, depression. You leave things undone because of excuses. Excessive excuses stress procrastination at its best. Socializing often with co-workers, excessive web surfing, or longer breaks are nonworking activities which lead you to do less or worse, none. When your manager gives you deadlines, your attitude changes into negative and find yourself unable to do things. You don’t get to start anything and end up losing opportunities.

You need to be honest with yourself if you are a procrastinator. You won’t be able to make it go away completely but can minimize by discovering why you do it. The source of the problem will lead you to a solution. Re-evaluate yourself and be honest about it. Beat this damaging habit and get tasks done on time. See how fulfilling it feels to be organized and productive.

At Linkos Global Business Solutions, we take time to get to know people as a whole. By doing this, we can discover hidden skills and abilities. They will feel better understood and appreciated. We offer opportunities to grow. After identifying their potentials by coaching, workshops, mentoring, and increasing responsibilities, we encourage them to step up in their personal and professional lives. Effective communication is what we practice. We communicate clearly and often with our people. We identify our expectations and make sure that they are properly informed about the whole business, as we genuinely expect honesty and openness from them. We walk the talk by utilizing effective communication. In that way, we are able to communicate with them a clear vision of where we want to go as a team and identify how we can get there. We empower them to have a personal impact on how we achieve our goals. We are open to collaboration and participation. Incentives is our tool to celebrate accomplishments. We recognize performance every week.

We are very detailed with demonstrating humility. We let people know their opinions matter. We are very receptive to critical feedback when it is in the best interest of the business and its people. Those are reasons why we are the fastest growing BPO company here in Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines.

News and Events

Why Choose Us?


BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has become one of the top trends used by many companies for the past years.


Companies nowadays are still into hiring BPO or Call Center companies to partner with them. You would think that most of them hired Call Centers due to cost-cutting reasons, but in actuality, companies partner with them because they found a better way save money while hiring skilled individuals. They have found that gray line between being cost-effective yet with high quality.

The best thing about partnering with a Call Center to do various things for your company is that you can evaluate the best agents to hire. You can choose people who are most-fitted for your campaign and your preferences. You have the power. You either decide to go with it or choose another company to evaluate once you have heard what a company has to offer. Nonetheless, it is all on you. That is why it is also really important to know what you need and where to search for help. Every company has its own preference when it comes to workflow, work ethics, level of skills, and other criteria, so you need to identify first what you need to outsource. You need to assess your workforce if there really is a need to delegate a particular task for efficiency. After having assessed, you need to look for a company who can offer you what you need. This is the challenging part. Honestly, even though there are a lot of Call Centers at your disposal, it is a bit difficult to find the perfect one for you. However difficult it is, you have do to it for the sake of getting your money’s worth. Outsourcing truly has benefited many companies for the past years and this has no signs of stopping.

The great news is Linkos Global Business Solutions offers a variety of Virtual Services which can help you. We have agents who are well-trained. Our 1 week Linkos Training Academy program has produced many highly-skilled and motivated agents who are now giving their respective clients the results we promised them. We also have the whole management team working hand-in-hand to oversee the operations to make sure that agents are hitting their daily goals while motivating them to do their best for their own growth. Our updated and state-of-the-art equipment are also one to be commended. The most important thing in our company is to have a positive and “Can do” attitude because we believe that working positively and working smart can bring positive results. Combine all this together and you have team Awesome, team Linkos!

For a full list of what we can do for you and your business, please call us at 626 566 8381. You can also visit our Facebook page for updates. Follow us on Instagram and connect with us on LinkedIn as well. Linkos Global Business Solutions, your one-stop-shop Virtual Services needs in a timely yet cost-effective way.