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Here at Linkos, We Work As One

Team work and a positive mindset is what we are known for.

Linkos Global Business Solutions is a growing BPO company in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines. We are growing but we are already known for one major thing: Positivity. Oftentimes, our applicants tell us why they chose our company. They usually say it is because of the postings on Facebook. If you visit our Facebook page, most of our posts will show you how we operate. It is very important for us to create a team and a workplace full of positivity. We coach our agents to have a proper mindset on their jobs. We believe that having positive thoughts will make them feel good and will make them attract positive results. It can be frustrating for an agent to get rejections at their given posts, but for our agents, they can easily brush these off by maintaining a positive attitude. They turn these rejections and frustrations into challenges and learnings. It is not an easy job to do but adding a positive work setting eases the transition of turning difficulties into opportunities.

Aside from our agents having a positive mindset and a positive environment, it is equally important for our BPO company to work as a team. Every one is accountable. We have formulated a system which improved our work flow, thus, creating a more efficient and effective group effort. We all aim towards our clients’ successes. Having these 3 factors in our setting creates a harmonious workplace which gears towards client satisfaction.

We create a positive ambience to reach the desired results for our clients and drive ourselves to success with the mission and vision of Linkos in our hearts and the success of our clients in our minds. We work as one team, as a family. That is what we are known for. We are the ONLY call center company in our city to have a fun, positive, and productive working environment.


Linkos Branding

Most companies will argue on how they are unique.

All companies have their own uniqueness, so we cannot argue how one company is different from another. So why do our clients choose us? Linkos Global Business Solutions has a remarkable working environment. In a nutshell, we promote a positive environment for our whole team which will lead them to positive results. It is vital for our company to overcome the stress we go through as a team induced by deadlines and demands from our clients. We turn stress into good stress. We coach our agents to have a proper mindset inside and outside their work. With this, our agents can turn challenges into opportunities and mistakes into learnings. Add that to a happy and a positive environment and you have a harmonious work setting which leads to positive results for the clients. That is what we are known for: a positive and a productive environment. That is the Linkos branding!

It is a challenge for the Management as well to maintain this kind of environment. However, we make sure to lift up the mood every so often. It is the foundation of our company to make sure we all have one positive mindset. The management creates activities and events for our agents to make them feel that we are a team. We help them cool off after their hard work. By doing this, we can also maintain the high quality of service we are providing for our clients. That is why here in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, our company is known as a happy workplace with professionals working as one team. If our clients are happy, then we are happy. It all boils down to making our clients satisfied with our services and maintaining it for a long period of time.

If you want to meet our positive-minded agents, feel free to call us at 626 566 8381. Email us at for inquiries about our services. Contact us now!

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Building Undeniable Trust With Our Clients

Linkos Global Business Solutions has been partners with different companies, large and small, and they chose to stay with us.

They have opted to put their trust in our company and they were not disappointed. They have been with us since we were just a small scale company working our way up. This is mainly because of how we take care of them, their businesses, and our relationship. The first thing we make sure is to identify their needs from our initial contact. In this step, we do not just foster a great rapport with our clients but also pinpoint what we can offer to them to maximize our business relationship. We are transparent with our clients. We promote an open communication to make sure that we are headed to the right path. Our clients are founded by their respective standards and we take into consideration all aspects of their businesses before thoroughly formulating a strategy on how to go about with our services for them. We plan to succeed.

After drawing out a plan, we discuss everything to our clients before we talk about the partnership. We finalize everything to ensure that all suggestions and recommendations are met between us and our clients. We meet them halfway so as not to jeopardize their standards and our standards as well. We make it to a point that every little detail is clear to our clients before we proceed. Then, we carefully execute our plan and keep track of our progress to identify how we can impro ve our services. Being in the outsourcing industry, providing the best results for our clients is a must. We excel in how we maintain that high quality of service and how we aim for improvement all the time. We are not complacent with just enough. We train our agents religiously and provide coaching for them. That is how we work.

As a Call Center company, we aim for the success of our clients. We do not settle for anything less than the best services for them because our clients’ satisfaction is our satisfaction. If you want to know more of the services we offer, call us at 626 566 8381. You can also email us at

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Sales Growth: How We Aim For Your Success

The art of selling is one of the most essential skill needed for our agents.

Here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, our telesales agents are highly-trained to have a great selling skill that can make customers eager to know more. Our company not only sells the product or service but initially manages lead generation as to help our clients concentrate on the most important aspect of their businesses which is sales growth. How? Our agents build connections with our clients’ customers which foster a lasting relationship, thereby increasing sales growth of our clients. It is vital for us to have well-rounded marketing strategies in order to cover every advertising avenue available. We also take into consideration sales trends and marketing innovations in order for us to stay with the times. We make sure we provide our agents the best working condition which will inspire them to perform at their best. In addition, promoting a positive environment for our agents creates a huge impact on their performances. We instill in them a proper mindset before doing their respective tasks.

This is the Linkos way of handling things. We create the best possible environment and mindset for our agents and we plan thoroughly on the advertising and sales needs of our clients to give them the best results possible. We monitor our agents’ performances based on the client standards and ours as well. We aim to exceed expectations to give them nothing short of the best.

Positive and repeatable results is our priority for our clients. A lasting business relationship is our major goal to reach the heights of their businesses.  Client’s success is our success.

To know more about our services, call us at 626 566 8381. Don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates. Your company’s sales growth is our main focus.

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Telesales: What Do They Do?

Telesales – the selling of goods or services over the telephone.

This definition can easily be translated to what we usually call as a “sales call.” However, there is a more detailed description of what a Telesales team can do.

For Linkos Telesales team, selling is one part of the job description. The initial task of our Telesales team is Lead Generation. Our clients provide us thousands of leads for our team to qualify. Instead of our clients’ field officers doing the taxing work of knocking on a whole neighborhood, we qualify them first to save our clients’ time and effort. By so doing, interested customers who have the resources to purchase the products or services are filtered for the client. Moreover, after qualifying a certain lead, we set up an appointment for the field officer to visit that particular lead’s home. This eliminates the element of surprise on the part of the customer making them open to the idea of buying the product or service. It is important for us to clearly set up an appointment with the field officer and the customer. In this way, the customer will expect the officer for that visit, thus, having an open mind about the product or service.

Following these steps will make our clients’ sales improve to greater heights. The whole process promotes a higher chance of conversion while eliminating time-consuming tasks. Our aim is to provide an efficient and cost-effective service which can help our clients reach their goals. We are for the long-term goals of the client. Client satisfaction is our satisfaction.

To know more about our Telesales campaign and other BPO services, contact us at 626 566 8381 or email us at

Here at Linkos, we do not just aim to be the top outsourcing company in Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines but the leading one-stop outsourcing company in the world. Call us now!

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Linkos Customer Service Representative Cares

Once you hear the kindest and warmest greetings from a Customer Care Specialist of Linkos Global Business Solutions, expect to have the best experience you will have.

It all starts with a simple greeting. As a Call Center or BPO company, this part is very crucial because it can turn all customer service experiences into a pleasant conversation. Determining the problem or complaint of the customer and finding the right solution is the first step for our CSRs. An integral part that our trainers teach our CSR agents is to identify all questions of the customer and solve them before letting them go. Our CSRs would never hung up the phone on a customer who still has lingering questions. Since our company aims for the best customer service experience, solving all problems of any customer is the key.

We aim for client satisfaction everyday. That is why we make sure to take good care of our customers. If our client’s customers are happy, our clients are happy as well. In all honesty, this is not a walk in the park. That is why we make sure that our agents have the proper mindset before taking calls. Having a positive attitude towards their work creates a huge impact on how our CSRs will be talking to our client’s customers. We all know that it is natural for Filipinos to be hospitable and respectful towards people, so we take advantage of that and maximize it in order to provide a service that is truly Filipino. We do not just serve, we personalize.

Our agents can establish a pleasant conversation with their customers before identifying what their questions and complaints are, then address them one by one. That is how a Linkos CSR works. Having a positive attitude, empathy towards the customers, and persistence in probing to find out all the questions of the customers are the traits honed to all our CSR agents.

Linkos Global Business Solutions is dedicated to its mission, vision, and core values. Hence, we are know to be a happy workplace who delivers great results. Client centricity is our number one goal in customer service. To us, customer service isn’t a new concept, but the customer experience certainly plays a larger role in our success. Call us at 626 566 8381 to find out more of our services and our agents.

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The Importance of Time Management Skills

It is hard to state too strongly the importance of time management skills.

We all know that effective time management is vital and a valuable skill. But when we sit down to work, we get vague. We prioritize other things. And in the end, we feel like we’re not utilizing our time well.

At Linkos Global Business Solutions, we set SMART goals to stay motivated. We let everyone identify why is it important to manage their time better. And being more efficient to do more and have more time for other tasks is always their top answer. Having an idea of what you are working toward will be helpful in motivating yourself. These goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and realistic, and time-bound. This framework is one of our company’s tool to identify exactly how we are doing on our goals.

We at Linkos Global Business Solutions focus on our clients’ goals. We prioritize what they need for your businesses and create the best marketing strategy in order to go beyond what you are expecting of us. We aim higher because we want you to succeed. We do not settle for anything less than the best services for you. Here at Linkos, client satisfaction is our satisfaction. We make sure that whatever we do once we sit down for work is in the best interest of our clients.

Call us at 626 566 8381 and let’s talk about how we can help you with your business. Meet our highly-skilled agents who can help you reach the goals you wanted for your business and more. Send us an email at for inquiries about the services we can offer you. Do not forget to visit and like our Facebook page as well. Like us on Instagram and Twitter and follow us for updates about our company.

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Producing World Class Customer Care Specialists

If you are having problems with a particular product or service, who do you call? A Customer Care Specialist or commonly called as Customer Service Representative.

It is one of the most difficult jobs you can get because it can be a challenge to handle different inquiries and complaints. Imagine answering phone calls all day and getting yelled at most of the time for a whole day! That is not easy, and I think all individuals who have this kind of job will agree that there are no shortcuts in becoming a good CSR.

Here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, the one thing we trust in turning an applicant with potential into a world class Customer Care Specialist, is the process we created to produce one. First, we pick out the applicants with the highest potential in excelling in this post. We do not just hire random applicants and force them to become a great CSR because we know that it will never be effective. Aside from having a long patience, a great CSR should be willing to take it all in without losing his or her cool while coming up with the best solution for an irate customer on the other line. That is willingness. We created our own Training Academy in order to achieve our goal as a BPO or a Call Center company who produces world class Customer Care Specialists. Our Training Academy has a group of dedicated mentors who made it their goal to pass on the skill and techniques they have to help willing agents to excel, not just as a CSR but in every post. Before agents can graduate in this Academy, they still have to go through countless mock calls to polish their skills, creativity, and style.

After they graduate and are now fully-equipped, we make sure to instill in them the Linkos Culture. Our company is known as a happy workplace, especially here in Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines. Most applicants say they applied because they have heard our company was a happy one. That is nothing short of the truth! That is the Linkos Culture. We show the newly deployed agents that in our company, having a positive mindset is the key to work efficiently and effectively. Before, during, and even after their shift, having a positive mindset that turn any sour day into the best day of your life, at work or at home. This process of instilling in them the positivity is what we call the Conditioning Stage.

After the Conditioning Stage, we now go to the production floor and begin the Production Stage. The trained agents with positive mindsets are now ready to meet your customers and take care of them with 100% dedication. On this stage, these agents will exude the Linkos Brand of a Customer Care Specialist: Caring, Confident, with a Positive Mindset, and Emphatic. Not many can do well being a Customer Care Specialist, but one thing is for sure, if you are talking to a Linkos CSR, we will have the best Customer Care Experience ever.

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Linkos Chronicles: We Are One

Here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, we work as one team.

A BPO or a Call Center company has high regards to quality service, and with this, comes a stressful working environment. The pressure of hitting quotas and deadlines as well as the additional troubleshooting problems we encounter, not just at work but in our daily lives as well. Stress is a normal part of our professional lives and indeed, this helps us improve and learn. We cannot run away from stress even if we hide under a rock. But stress can become a good stress.

Here in our company, it is vital that we create a positive working environment.  Forcing to have a stress-free environment would already be stressful in itself. That is why here at Linkos, we promote a positive mindset before, during, and after working hours. We believe that if a person is feeling positively, thinking positive thoughts, and acting positive, then he or she would focus on only positive results. It can be really hard for an agent to encounter rejections and frustrations from their given posts, but we know that if an agent has a positive mindset, then these rejections and frustrations turn into learning and knowledge which would help them improve. This is what we aim among our agents. We are proud of them simply because they are eager to improve on their assigned tasks regardless of how many rejections they had or might have. They think positively. They take difficulties as challenges and they power through. This in turn, creates greater opportunities for their clients. Happy are our clients, happy us as well. Hence, we work as one team. We create an ambience full of positivity in order to reach those positive results for our clients and for our company as well. We drive ourselves to success with the mission and vision of Linkos in our hearts and the success of our clients in our minds. We work as one.

It is the sole reason why here in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, Linkos is the ONLY call center company known to have a fun and positive yet productive working environment.

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Linkos Chronicles: How Are We Different?

Believe me when I say, Linkos Global Business Solutions is a unique company.

Uniqueness is defined as being one of its kind or remarkable. Our company really is one of a kind and what we are unique about drives us to deliver the results our clients need. First,  we promote a positive working environment. Often times, a Call Center or a BPO company has a stressful environment which is sometimes very hard to overcome because of all the deadlines and the pressure of giving the clients better service. All of our agents are positive-minded. It is vital for us to hire agents who maintain a positive mindset. This helps create a harmonious environment on our production floor which in turn yields into more positive results. We have been through a lot of ups and downs and we have learned that it is more effective for our industry to have an uplifting environment. We make sure our agents are happy because it is our belief that if our agents are happy, they can deliver the best results despite having all the pressure of meeting deadlines and quotas for the respective clients.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to maintain this kind of environment. However, we make sure to bring it back up once the storm has passed. One example of how we handle stress as a team is that the Management conducts different events for our agents to relieve their stress. It is but normal to encounter difficulties and we take them as experiences we can learn from to grow. That is why here in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, our company is known to produce great results. We make our agents happy to make our clients happy.

If you want to meet our agents, please feel free to contact us at 626 566 8381 and we can expound how we can help you with your businesses. Call us now!