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Magnitude 6.1  Earthquake Hits Luzon: 11 Death Toll and Damage Experienced

MANILA – The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology recorded a magnitude 6.1 earthquake yesterday, April 22, 2019 a few minutes past 5:00 PM leaving damaged infrastructure and reported deaths of up to 11 people as of this writing.

Damages include collapsed buildings and damaged terminals at the Clark international airport causing the cancellation of over 100 flights. The earthquake also caused power interruption making rescue efforts to collapsed building more difficult and tedious.

In Manila, skyscrapers are caught on camera swaying as if in a breeze. One notable video shows how the skyscraper’s rooftop pool spill over like a waterfall during the quake.

See the below video:

Renato Solidum of PHIVOLCS reported that the epicenter of the earthquake in Zambales in the area of the town of Castillejos.

One is well to remember that the Philippines nests on what is called the Pacific Ring of Fire where fault lines and volcanoes sit on the edges of the Pacific Ocean.