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DONALD: From Pizza Guy, Construction Worker, to ROCKSTAR in Real Estate Inside Sales

Rockstar Real Estate ISA!

Having his heart broken, struggling with jobs that stretched him, and being far from home, all these didn’t keep Donald from having a positive outlook in life. “Tatay Donald” as he is fondly called by other members of the Linkos family is one of the jolliest and funny persons you will ever meet. He stands out in the crowd being surrounded by fellow agents who are from younger generations, but that doesn’t stop him from being a fun member of the Linkos Fam. His light personality is paired with memorable anecdotes, making him someone one would never forget.

But there is something more about him that makes him an inspiration to call center professionals and those who aspire for a call center career. Before becoming a part of Linkos and being one of our best telemarketing agents, Donald went through other adventures that were also filled with struggles.

Challenges with Previous Jobs

After finishing high school in the US, Donald recalls hopping from one job to another to make ends meet. One of the most challenging jobs he had was when he worked for a Domino’s Pizza. Donald recalls having to do everything in the ordering process, he took the calls to take the orders, he makes the pizza, and he delivers them! That’s a stretch!

When asked if this was job he struggled with most, he says no! He proceeds to tell us that he had a job that had him peeling grapes. Yes, he had to peel grapes for processing!

Away From Home

After a bad relationship that ended up with him returning to the city where his mother lives, Donald ventured into entrepreneurship. After some time, having not much success in the trade, he decides to fly back home to the Philippines where he meets the woman who is now his wife.

Though back in the Philippines, Donald can be considered away from home because he is half the world away from his family.

He had to work hard in the Philippines. He recalls having a job as a construction worker and working under the unforgiving summer heat.

Venture into the Call Center

Donald learned about Linkos through a friend who encouraged him to try taking on a call center career because of his fluency in English.  But that didn’t mean it was easy for him. At this point, it seems like Donald hasn’t applied for a job for quite some time, he tells us about how his interview almost didn’t push through because he brought the old-fashioned bio-data instead of a resume.

He had a lot of catching up to do in the new working environment. Donald remembers that his greatest challenge was working the computer.

New Challenges and Learning

Though it’s a challenge, Donald was able to adapt eventually with the help of the Linkos Training Academy (now referred to as the Linkos Fundamental Skills Training Program). With the help of the program facilitated by Ms. Tanya Molano, the Learning Manager, and Ms. Ezra Mendoza of the Marketing Team, Donald was able to secure a position as an inside sales associate for a business partner in his real estate company and his learning continues.

At first, he found navigation through the different tools a challenge, but with the help of his determination to learn, and the guidance of his supervisor, he was producing results in no time.

Now, Donald is one of the best inside sales associates there is. He produces results that help him earn bonuses on top of his pay.

A Second Home

When asked what Donald loves most about Linkos, he was quick to answer that he describes it as a family. He points out that even though he is far from home, he has Linkos as his second family.

A Message from Donald

Donald has a simple message to call center professionals and those who aspire to be one: Be yourself and be responsible. According to Donald, you have to be true to who you are while being responsible for your actions and what you are about to do. “When you are responsible,” Donald reflects, “everything else will follow.”


Truly, Donald is one unique and inspiring individual that makes up the Linkos family. Withi his work attitude and skills, he is able to deliver the results expected of him as a Real Estate ISA. His story is a testimony that having  a positive attitude and mindset, combined with having the right people around you, nothing is impossible.

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Teamwork Divides the Task and Doubles the Results

article by Necito Langit

Having Fun

A team is more than a collection of people; this concept is proven during the Docs Prep team building held last May 5th 2019, different back stories, different personalities and different reasons come together to build a strong foundation to boost their efficiency and coordination as a team on one of the biggest account at Linkos Global, many of which have been needing a break from their usual workflow to get to know each other in a more personal level.

“If one fails, we all fail,” Niel said, the account’s Senior quality analyst, he also expects the team to work as a cohesive unit by taking care of each other’s stats and they know everyone in the team should have each other’s back.

“Everyone has a voice in the team” stated by Lhydhan, one of the Subject account experts, this targets the more personal side of things addressing other teammates’ endeavors “We need to rely on each other” this spoke volumes during the time there were at the market place where the environment was very hectic and busy, yet they finish the task successfully by taking up different task in order to finish the task faster.

Rising to the challenge being the biggest account at Linkos, everyone sat down in front of a bonfire and answered questions, which was everyone’s favorite part of the day as they got to know each other in different aspects of their lives, their career choices, their biggest influence and things in that nature, At the end of the day they learned to rely on one another on their strengths and help each other on their weakness; Team Docs Prep Team 32 players, one heartbeat.