I am a working student and I am proud of it!

A few years back, I used to be a BSN student. But since we are in the middle of having financial difficulties, I had to make way for my other siblings spending less for college so we can make ends meet and not lose much of the investment by our parents. I worked in the metro city for some BPO companies and managed to somehow not become a burden to my family.


(I must say..) I have faced a lot of challenges which made me competitive and helped me become a stronger person that I am now.


Luckily, my siblings were all graduates and are doing well. My parents (especially my Mom), doesn’t want to see me being left behind without getting my own degree. Though I am doing well as an agent for an advertising platform for a big company, I have made a decision to follow my parents and continue with my studies.


Even though my parents have the ability to send me to school unlike before, I still made my decision to work while I attend college as I feel uncomfortable completely depending on my parents for financial matters. I am grateful to one of my professors who helped me locate a BPO company around the city. I have struggled so hard in managing my time and energy attending school by day and going to work at night. But, thanks to the people I work with most especially to the management for their strong support in helping me to have a working schedule.


Now, I am taking the last school year (claiming!) looking forward to getting my degree thanks to the help and support from my family and to LINKOS where I have found a second home with incredible 2nd family!