Call Center Life in the Philippines: A Day Inside Our Office

“Client satisfaction is our satisfaction.” It might sound like an ad for the majority but for us, we live by this motto when we are in the office.

Having a solid and a positive team is our asset. We make sure our agents understand that by the end of every day, our clients should be smiling. What we promise should be delivered. Easier said than done sometimes, but how do we overcome such hurdle? We instill to our agents that having a positive mindset before going about on their shifts is the best way to produce positive results. Thinking that it will be a productive day will promote, of course, productivity for the agent, which in turn will create the desired results the clients need. Tasks done on time, appointments’ set, sales closed among others are what should be reflected on their daily reports.

We break barriers by establishing a wholesome family-like ambeince inside the office, not like the typical pressure-oven Call Centers we most know, especially here in the Philippines. We have a positive working environment and a great relationship with all of our agents which resulted to a great team, a great family if you will. Since stress isn’t entirely avoidable, what we do is uplift our agents’ spirits in stressful times. Our management team thinks of creative ways in order to help our agents eliviate stress while still hitting their goals for our clients. We usually set up mini-events in our office here in Dagupan City Pangasinan, and we also use music by playing some upbeat tracks to serve as their stress reliever.

In turn, we achieve client satisfaction using these methods. This is how we work. We are a BPO company who focuses on our agents bringing their A games for their clients even before they sit down in front of their computers. Hence, our clients get the results they wanted and more and our agents can work with a smile on their faces.

To meet our positive-minded agents and to know more of our services, please contact us at 626 566 8381 or email us at