Here at Linkos, We Work As One

Team work and a positive mindset is what we are known for.

Linkos Global Business Solutions is a growing BPO company in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines. We are growing but we are already known for one major thing: Positivity. Oftentimes, our applicants tell us why they chose our company. They usually say it is because of the postings on Facebook. If you visit our Facebook page, most of our posts will show you how we operate. It is very important for us to create a team and a workplace full of positivity. We coach our agents to have a proper mindset on their jobs. We believe that having positive thoughts will make them feel good and will make them attract positive results. It can be frustrating for an agent to get rejections at their given posts, but for our agents, they can easily brush these off by maintaining a positive attitude. They turn these rejections and frustrations into challenges and learnings. It is not an easy job to do but adding a positive work setting eases the transition of turning difficulties into opportunities.

Aside from our agents having a positive mindset and a positive environment, it is equally important for our BPO company to work as a team. Every one is accountable. We have formulated a system which improved our work flow, thus, creating a more efficient and effective group effort. We all aim towards our clients’ successes. Having these 3 factors in our setting creates a harmonious workplace which gears towards client satisfaction.

We create a positive ambience to reach the desired results for our clients and drive ourselves to success with the mission and vision of Linkos in our hearts and the success of our clients in our minds. We work as one team, as a family. That is what we are known for. We are the ONLY call center company in our city to have a fun, positive, and productive working environment.