How Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises  are Leveraging Outsourcing and Making the Most Out of It

Outsourcing is always at the top of to-do lists when it comes to saving on cost and virtual assistants are the next big thing. More and more small to medium-sized enterprises are now leveraging this new sub-sector of outsourcing.

This new trend in outsourcing is considered revolutionary since it paves way for even the smallest of businesses to get the perks of outsourcing. It is both cost-effective and efficient and many bear witness to how working with a virtual assistant helped grow their businesses.

Myths About VAs

  1. They are Freelancers

This is the most common misconception about virtual assistants. VAs have more things to offer than freelancers who work on projects and job orders. Most companies, entrepreneurs and practicing professionals who hire virtual professionals actually hire them with long-term commitments.

Most successful VA employers even trust theirs with the position of being their personal assistants.

  1. They can only do contact center tasks

Though more and more practicing professionals (like Realtors, accountants, lawyers, etc.,) are hiring appointment-setters (which are under the contact center sub-sector), these are not to be confused with VAs. Virtual professionals can do more than just dial number on listings. They can manage your websites, social media profile, your CRM’s, and a lot more.

  1. Hiring One is Too Risky

Most Virtual Assistants work through agencies or centers who make sure they are provided with all the necessary equipment and facilities. Hiring through a center guarantees that you are not scammed and your VA won’t just disappear for no apparent reason. When you work through a center, you are actually working with a whole team, They support your VA with proper monitoring, feedback, and additional training if necessary.

Is Hiring a VA a Difficult Process?

Not at all! There are only three steps in hiring a VA.

  1. Know What You Need and Make a List – Most employers make snap decisions in hiring a VA mainly because the offer is just too good. But you need some time to give it more thought. If you’re really not sure, see the next step.
  2. Discuss it With a Center—A center is the best place to learn more about what a VA can do. Contact a center and the experts would be able to help you out.
  3. Interview– Schedule an interview with candidates. It’s just like a regular interview except you can do it via Skype video call or over the phone. Avoid rescheduling interview appointments; virtual professionals are working in a different time zone, so your 10:00 AM could be three in the morning where the candidates live.
  4. Hire and Delegate Tasks – Deploy the virtual professional of your choice and give him the tasks and tools necessary to accomplish them.

Now you can focus on the bigger picture while saving on costs. You only need to check on your VA once a day. You can also have them give you weekly or daily reports. For more information about virtual assistants and outsourcing for SMEs, check out our website.