Linkos Chronicles: How Are We Different?

Believe me when I say, Linkos Global Business Solutions is a unique company.

Uniqueness is defined as being one of its kind or remarkable. Our company really is one of a kind and what we are unique about drives us to deliver the results our clients need. First,  we promote a positive working environment. Often times, a Call Center or a BPO company has a stressful environment which is sometimes very hard to overcome because of all the deadlines and the pressure of giving the clients better service. All of our agents are positive-minded. It is vital for us to hire agents who maintain a positive mindset. This helps create a harmonious environment on our production floor which in turn yields into more positive results. We have been through a lot of ups and downs and we have learned that it is more effective for our industry to have an uplifting environment. We make sure our agents are happy because it is our belief that if our agents are happy, they can deliver the best results despite having all the pressure of meeting deadlines and quotas for the respective clients.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to maintain this kind of environment. However, we make sure to bring it back up once the storm has passed. One example of how we handle stress as a team is that the Management conducts different events for our agents to relieve their stress. It is but normal to encounter difficulties and we take them as experiences we can learn from to grow. That is why here in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, our company is known to produce great results. We make our agents happy to make our clients happy.

If you want to meet our agents, please feel free to contact us at 626 566 8381 and we can expound how we can help you with your businesses. Call us now!