Linkos Chronicles: How We Produce Top-Grade Customer Care Specialists

Customer Care Specialist or commonly known as Customer Sales Representative in the Philippines is one of the most difficult jobs you can get.

It is difficult because you are handling customers who have queries or complaints. The challenge for agents with this title is how to go about in satisfying their customers. I believe all CSR’s will agree that there is no trick nor shortcut in being good at this post. It is just simply having a good mindset before taking calls and having a lot of patience, and I mean a lot.

We at Linkos Global Business Solutions  are proud of the process we go through in hiring our CSRs. You see, we do not just hire people with potential, we hire people who are willing to dedicate themselves in learning the ropes of this post. We start off by screening applicants. We filter individuals who can excel in being a CSR or have the willingness to be trained thouroughly. After screening, all will go under our Linkos Training Academy. Here, we focus on improving their weaknesses. We make sure to evaluate where they can improve and go from there. We are also strict when it comes to these trainings. We do not allow any of them getting left behind. We do one-on-one coaching sessions and we are keen to having a lively and interactive training for we have proven this to be more effective than just having a lecture-type training. As an evaluation, mock calls will be conducted wherein all the things they have learned from all their trainers will be put to the test. The greatest thing about our training is to develop agents that can be potential leaders (managers, supervisors, or team leaders) who can provide commitment and dedication. We train them to have good work ethics.

After the training and once they are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for their posts, we make sure to instill to them the Linkos culture. We are a company whose environment is all about positivity. We believe that a positive mindset will bring positive results, and having the proper mindset before working is the key to make your day more productive and fun as well. This is what we call the Conditioning stage. Our agents represent our company, and it is vital for them to always remember our culture. This is their guide in working for our company. Skill and knowledge can be taught and enhanced, but having proper work ethics and positive mindset will brand them as a Linkos employee. We are a BPO company known for having a happy and positive working environment, and we make sure we stick to that.

The last process would be the Production stage. Once they are beaming with positivity and great work ethics, they are now ready to meet their customers. Even at this stage, continuous coaching session and conditioning are done because we believe that there is always room for improvement. We do not get satisfied and complacent, we strive for improvement everyday. That is how Linkos Global Business Solutions in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines became known. A Call Center with a positive environment for people wanting to grow continuously and harmoniously with others of the same mindset.