Linkos Chronicles: The Secret Of Our Telesales Campaign


Telesales literally translates to Phone Sales.

It is defined as selling products or services  to customers using phones. However, there is a deeper and a more detailed job description of a Telesales person.

Most Call Center companies, especially here in the Philippines, use this term for their sales campaign where agents sell their client’s product or services over the phone, plain and simple. However, here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, our Telesales team does not just sell; we call potential and existing customers about our client’s products or services. How are we different you ask? It is the process.

The first thing our telesales do for our clients is Lead Generation. Our existing clients provide us with thousands upon thousands of leads. Instead of their field officers going to every single address and taking chances to make a sale, they hire us to filter and qualify them; eliminating the time-wasting task of doing a home-to-home sale. Once our telesales team gets the interest of the potential customer, the next step is to qualify them according to our clients’ standards. Not all our clients’ leads are their target audience. Hence, it is up to us to qualify those leads in order to increase the chance of closing the deal for their field officers. The last step after qualifying the leads is setting an appointment for our client’s field officers. This is really important because a non-expecting person caught off-guard would put their defenses up if a field officer suddenly knocks on his or her door and offers a product or service. In this step, the potential customer already knows that a field officer from our client’s company would be visiting them on a particular day, at a particular time, with one particular purpose. This step already creates a rapport between qualified leads and our client’s company, which will make them more open-minded about the offered product or service.

Following these steps can help our clients’ improve their sales ten-folds because this process ensures a higher conversion rate for them. It has been tried and tested, and our clients are happy with the results we have delivered to them. This is what our Telesales team has to offer; top-grade quality service which aims to promote a cost-effective and efficient solution for our clients in hitting their sales quota, not just for a month but a long period of time. As we say here at Linkos, client satisfaction is our satisfaction.

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