Linkos Chronicles: We Are One

Here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, we work as one team.

A BPO or a Call Center company has high regards to quality service, and with this, comes a stressful working environment. The pressure of hitting quotas and deadlines as well as the additional troubleshooting problems we encounter, not just at work but in our daily lives as well. Stress is a normal part of our professional lives and indeed, this helps us improve and learn. We cannot run away from stress even if we hide under a rock. But stress can become a good stress.

Here in our company, it is vital that we create a positive working environment.  Forcing to have a stress-free environment would already be stressful in itself. That is why here at Linkos, we promote a positive mindset before, during, and after working hours. We believe that if a person is feeling positively, thinking positive thoughts, and acting positive, then he or she would focus on only positive results. It can be really hard for an agent to encounter rejections and frustrations from their given posts, but we know that if an agent has a positive mindset, then these rejections and frustrations turn into learning and knowledge which would help them improve. This is what we aim among our agents. We are proud of them simply because they are eager to improve on their assigned tasks regardless of how many rejections they had or might have. They think positively. They take difficulties as challenges and they power through. This in turn, creates greater opportunities for their clients. Happy are our clients, happy us as well. Hence, we work as one team. We create an ambience full of positivity in order to reach those positive results for our clients and for our company as well. We drive ourselves to success with the mission and vision of Linkos in our hearts and the success of our clients in our minds. We work as one.

It is the sole reason why here in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, Linkos is the ONLY call center company known to have a fun and positive yet productive working environment.