Linkos Customer Service Representative; A Virtual Interlink That Cares


“Thank you for calling Linkos Global Business Solutions, This is Maria, how can I help you?”

A simple opening spiel to most of the recipient of this one liner greeting, but to us as a BPO company, this is where it all begins.

At Linkos Global Business Solutions, a good customer service starts from how an agent politely utters its first word over the phone. We always remind our agents to put on a smile before answering a call. But before that happens, we educate them first on how to think and feel positively when working. Being on an 8 hour job in a call center involves a whole lot of sitting and talking that requires much patience, understanding and motivation. Filipinos are known to be genuinely hospitable, respectful and hardworking. These are the main reasons why we are considered world class in Customer Service. We take advantage of our culture and innate behavior to be able to provide a method of customer service that is uniquely Filipino.

At our company, we believe that customer satisfaction is the yardstick that tells our success. Our Customer Service Representatives build meaningful relationships that help our clients keep their customers, and win new ones. Linkos Customer Service Representatives do not just merely care about our clients’ products or services, but we care about our clients’ customers. We do not just serve, we personalize. Our agents’ ability to stay positive is what makes our Customer Service Team highly recommended. Training our agents on how they can completely switch a negative situation to a positive one doesn’t only help them with their jobs as a CSR but help them cope up with life’s difficulties. Staying positive during a trying situation has a lot to do with personality, and a POSITIVE PERSONALITY is our number one requirement in hiring agents.

Linkos Global Business Solutions is very dedicated to its mission, vision, and core values. Client centricity is our number one goal in customer service. To us, customer service isn’t a new concept, but the customer experience certainly plays a larger role in our success.