Linkos Customer Service Representative Cares

Once you hear the kindest and warmest greetings from a Customer Care Specialist of Linkos Global Business Solutions, expect to have the best experience you will have.

It all starts with a simple greeting. As a Call Center or BPO company, this part is very crucial because it can turn all customer service experiences into a pleasant conversation. Determining the problem or complaint of the customer and finding the right solution is the first step for our CSRs. An integral part that our trainers teach our CSR agents is to identify all questions of the customer and solve them before letting them go. Our CSRs would never hung up the phone on a customer who still has lingering questions. Since our company aims for the best customer service experience, solving all problems of any customer is the key.

We aim for client satisfaction everyday. That is why we make sure to take good care of our customers. If our client’s customers are happy, our clients are happy as well. In all honesty, this is not a walk in the park. That is why we make sure that our agents have the proper mindset before taking calls. Having a positive attitude towards their work creates a huge impact on how our CSRs will be talking to our client’s customers. We all know that it is natural for Filipinos to be hospitable and respectful towards people, so we take advantage of that and maximize it in order to provide a service that is truly Filipino. We do not just serve, we personalize.

Our agents can establish a pleasant conversation with their customers before identifying what their questions and complaints are, then address them one by one. That is how a Linkos CSR works. Having a positive attitude, empathy towards the customers, and persistence in probing to find out all the questions of the customers are the traits honed to all our CSR agents.

Linkos Global Business Solutions is dedicated to its mission, vision, and core values. Hence, we are know to be a happy workplace who delivers great results. Client centricity is our number one goal in customer service. To us, customer service isn’t a new concept, but the customer experience certainly plays a larger role in our success. Call us at 626 566 8381 to find out more of our services and our agents.