You heard it right, YES, there are many advantages that you can get in hiring agents from our company. We are your partner in growing your company, but that is not the only advantage you get from us.


Feel free to read the following VITAL ADVANTAGES that you can acquire in hiring agents from Linkos Global Business Solutions:


  1. Save Money

Your expenses can easily increase your payroll cost by 20% to 30% — or more! Our rate is $6 per hour but the service is never compensated. Our company sticks to our commitment and that is to provide quality of services, provide top agents, and provide the best and reliable management for your account. We have the best team: highly motivated, result oriented, works with integrity, very reliable, flexible, and above all we are persistent and dedicated human beings.


  1. Staffing Flexibility

Clients can actually hire an agent from our company for a specific task or project. No need to face the trauma, expense, and potential legal trouble. You may also enjoy greater efficiency when you hire from us. We bring specialized expertise to the job, we are productive immediately, eliminating the time and cost of training.


  1. Contract for Confidentiality and Protection

In our company, we make sure that we provide a contract and a non-disclosure agreement to our clients. This is to secure the confidential files and records of our clients intended only to stay within the two parties. With a contract, both our client and our company can work peacefully and with a protocol to follow as stated in the contract.


  1. We Provide Supervisors

Our own in house supervisors can closely supervise and monitor your agents. Our supervisor is responsible in coaching, monitoring activities, sending out daily reports and training agents with personalized modules according to what the agent needs to enhance. However, we also definitely allow our clients to exercise significant control over what your agents are doing and how they are doing it, for our agents are classified as your employees.


There is no reason for you to hinder yourself from hiring our services. Right now, we want you to definitely allow yourself to trust the process and give yourself a shot in communicating with us to know more of our services and on how we perform. Give us a call at 626 566 8381, and our proposal is definitely designed for you! Talk to you soon!