Maximizing Leads for Realtors and Real Estate Professionals

As with any other line of business, efficiency is essential in boosting your business as a Realtor or Real Estate investor and inside sales is the name of the game. It’s a process that works best as a continuous operation; the more the gears work in inside sales, the better the chances to grow your business.

What is Inside Sales?

To put it simply, inside sales is the process of nurturing leads and turning them into interested prospects ready for the closing. This means walking prospects through the stages down the sales funnel, undergoing steps while giving having a personalized approach.

Another way to put it is, inside sales turns cold leads to hot leads so that the closing sales person can go in for the taking.

Inside Sales vs. Cold Calling

Many confuse inside sales with making cold calls, thinking they’re one and the same thing. Actually, cold calling could just be a part of the inside sales process especially when it comes to b2b sales and large transactions like real estate.

Some transactions can go from cold call to closed deals in as short as an hour, while others can take months before closing. Inside sales also fill in the gaps after initial contact, taking time to do follow ups and stay connected with prospects while they are not yet ready to do the closing.

Affordable Inside Sales Options

Having an inside sales associate would mean you have to hire someone or a team full time. Many would think it’s too costly. Well, Virtual Assistants and outsourcing in general are a cost-effective way of boosting your sales. Hiring a call center company like Linkos is a great way to develop or expand sales and inside sales process.

  • Telemarketing Campaigns – Lead generation through cold calling never gets old. The phone is still an effective way to have a personal touch on the first contact with prospects in your target market. Getting raw data is easy and cheap, you need only provide the data to a telemarketing team and we would do the rest.
  • Virtual Assistants – More and more real estate professionals are discovering the benefits of having one or a team of virtual assistants.

Hire one virtual assistant or hire one telemarketing rep. Hire as many as 50 reps. We provide customized solutions that best fit your needs.

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