Producing World Class Customer Care Specialists

If you are having problems with a particular product or service, who do you call? A Customer Care Specialist or commonly called as Customer Service Representative.

It is one of the most difficult jobs you can get because it can be a challenge to handle different inquiries and complaints. Imagine answering phone calls all day and getting yelled at most of the time for a whole day! That is not easy, and I think all individuals who have this kind of job will agree that there are no shortcuts in becoming a good CSR.

Here at Linkos Global Business Solutions, the one thing we trust in turning an applicant with potential into a world class Customer Care Specialist, is the process we created to produce one. First, we pick out the applicants with the highest potential in excelling in this post. We do not just hire random applicants and force them to become a great CSR because we know that it will never be effective. Aside from having a long patience, a great CSR should be willing to take it all in without losing his or her cool while coming up with the best solution for an irate customer on the other line. That is willingness. We created our own Training Academy in order to achieve our goal as a BPO or a Call Center company who produces world class Customer Care Specialists. Our Training Academy has a group of dedicated mentors who made it their goal to pass on the skill and techniques they have to help willing agents to excel, not just as a CSR but in every post. Before agents can graduate in this Academy, they still have to go through countless mock calls to polish their skills, creativity, and style.

After they graduate and are now fully-equipped, we make sure to instill in them the Linkos Culture. Our company is known as a happy workplace, especially here in Dagupan, Pangasinan, Philippines. Most applicants say they applied because they have heard our company was a happy one. That is nothing short of the truth! That is the Linkos Culture. We show the newly deployed agents that in our company, having a positive mindset is the key to work efficiently and effectively. Before, during, and even after their shift, having a positive mindset that turn any sour day into the best day of your life, at work or at home. This process of instilling in them the positivity is what we call the Conditioning Stage.

After the Conditioning Stage, we now go to the production floor and begin the Production Stage. The trained agents with positive mindsets are now ready to meet your customers and take care of them with 100% dedication. On this stage, these agents will exude the Linkos Brand of a Customer Care Specialist: Caring, Confident, with a Positive Mindset, and Emphatic. Not many can do well being a Customer Care Specialist, but one thing is for sure, if you are talking to a Linkos CSR, we will have the best Customer Care Experience ever.