Appointments per day and it’s 3 to 5? Is that really possible?


Appointments per day? We, at Linkos, know the value of giving our clients in the Real Estate the highest quality of service, and we deliver what we promise; 3 to 5 appointments per day.


Getting appointments is the focus of our agents’ training so we created a team who can guide and coach them in all the aspects, especially in getting appointments in the Real Estate industry. We also have a production supervisor who monitors our agents’ progress on a daily basis and makes sure to hit their quotas. We give importance to the performance of our agents. Also, we value the relationships we build with clients. That is why we can set 3 to 5 appointments per day in Real Estate for a whole shift. We have been working with Real Estate clients for more than a year now and  many of them would testify to our services.


We believe quality is better than the quantity. For Real Estate, we make sure that the appointments our agents set are of high quality. We also assure that clients are always informed.


Every appointment we set are always reported immediately to our clients. Moreover, our agents has already a habit of making an End-of-the-day report sent not only to us but the clients as well. This goes to show that we focus on clients’ satisfaction while not taking for granted the integrity our company has. That’s the Linkos trademark! The Virtual Services we offer are aimed for client satisfaction.


In this way, we are able to give our clients a satisfying outcome. We guarantee results if you put your trust in us. Call us now at 626-566-8381 and we’ll gladly explain all the details to you.