Telesales: What Do They Do?

Telesales – the selling of goods or services over the telephone.

This definition can easily be translated to what we usually call as a “sales call.” However, there is a more detailed description of what a Telesales team can do.

For Linkos Telesales team, selling is one part of the job description. The initial task of our Telesales team is Lead Generation. Our clients provide us thousands of leads for our team to qualify. Instead of our clients’ field officers doing the taxing work of knocking on a whole neighborhood, we qualify them first to save our clients’ time and effort. By so doing, interested customers who have the resources to purchase the products or services are filtered for the client. Moreover, after qualifying a certain lead, we set up an appointment for the field officer to visit that particular lead’s home. This eliminates the element of surprise on the part of the customer making them open to the idea of buying the product or service. It is important for us to clearly set up an appointment with the field officer and the customer. In this way, the customer will expect the officer for that visit, thus, having an open mind about the product or service.

Following these steps will make our clients’ sales improve to greater heights. The whole process promotes a higher chance of conversion while eliminating time-consuming tasks. Our aim is to provide an efficient and cost-effective service which can help our clients reach their goals. We are for the long-term goals of the client. Client satisfaction is our satisfaction.

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