What Makes Filipinos Excellent Global Communicators

The Philippines is now referred to as the Capital of the World. In today’s outsourcing trends, it can also be said that the Philippines is also the ideal target to hire Virtual Assistants from. What makes Filipinos such good candidates to be call center representatives is their good communication skills and fluency in the English Language.

Most would attribute Filipinos’ internationally competent communication skills to the United States’ colonization of the country. We can indeed trace their fluency in English to that point of Philippine History, but there are more factors why they make good telesales and customer service agents.

It’s In the Filipino Culture

The Filipino is known for its culture of hospitality. With this hospitable culture is the Filipinos’ natural knack to engage in meaningful conversation. Explaining things to another person is never considered bothersome and most actually enjoy it, something that can again be traced back into the Filipino culture that is also behind the people’s high regard for teachers and the consistent number of young Filipinos aspiring to be one.

So, if you need someone who can stay with customers on the phone and efficiently walk them through the process while efficiently performing, you know you can rely on a Filipino customer service representative.

It can also be noted that they are good listeners.

They Are Naturally Skilled

Not only are Filipinos skilled, they also have a knack for being fast and eager learners. You can give them a job they have zero knowledge or experience on and they will take every resource possible to make sure they can have mastery as soon as possible.

Mastery on something would always prompt a Filipino into applying them.

They  are Passionate

Filipinos can be really passionate about the product and services they represent as sales people. In fact, they would be so into the product that their passion for it would resonate on their sales talk, something that would make their pitch really effective.

As customer service representatives you can really feel the emotion in their voice and it can be really reassuring.

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