Why Choose Us?


BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) has become one of the top trends used by many companies for the past years.


Companies nowadays are still into hiring BPO or Call Center companies to partner with them. You would think that most of them hired Call Centers due to cost-cutting reasons, but in actuality, companies partner with them because they found a better way save money while hiring skilled individuals. They have found that gray line between being cost-effective yet with high quality.

The best thing about partnering with a Call Center to do various things for your company is that you can evaluate the best agents to hire. You can choose people who are most-fitted for your campaign and your preferences. You have the power. You either decide to go with it or choose another company to evaluate once you have heard what a company has to offer. Nonetheless, it is all on you. That is why it is also really important to know what you need and where to search for help. Every company has its own preference when it comes to workflow, work ethics, level of skills, and other criteria, so you need to identify first what you need to outsource. You need to assess your workforce if there really is a need to delegate a particular task for efficiency. After having assessed, you need to look for a company who can offer you what you need. This is the challenging part. Honestly, even though there are a lot of Call Centers at your disposal, it is a bit difficult to find the perfect one for you. However difficult it is, you have do to it for the sake of getting your money’s worth. Outsourcing truly has benefited many companies for the past years and this has no signs of stopping.

The great news is Linkos Global Business Solutions offers a variety of Virtual Services which can help you. We have agents who are well-trained. Our 1 week Linkos Training Academy program has produced many highly-skilled and motivated agents who are now giving their respective clients the results we promised them. We also have the whole management team working hand-in-hand to oversee the operations to make sure that agents are hitting their daily goals while motivating them to do their best for their own growth. Our updated and state-of-the-art equipment are also one to be commended. The most important thing in our company is to have a positive and “Can do” attitude because we believe that working positively and working smart can bring positive results. Combine all this together and you have team Awesome, team Linkos!

For a full list of what we can do for you and your business, please call us at 626 566 8381. You can also visit our Facebook page for updates. Follow us on Instagram and connect with us on LinkedIn as well. Linkos Global Business Solutions, your one-stop-shop Virtual Services needs in a timely yet cost-effective way.